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Can be provided at various locations and meetings, locally and regionally - these seminars provide 2-3 hours of in-depth discussions outlining current claims experiences, claims handling procedures, legal issues and the ever so important paper trail necessary to protect your facility and investment.

Topics and Discussions
  • Innovation and expansion of coverages for participating members.
  • Proper completion and submission of applications to the carrier.
  • The synergistic approach, strength, and structuring of The Roller Skating Rink Insurance Program.
  • Review of carrier's inspection report / site survey, and what it means to you.
  • Interpretation of New Jersey's Appellate Court ruling of incidental contact and the additional responsibilities that are necessary, and the impact of this ruling on your rink.
  • Detailed review of The Roller Skating Rink Insurance Program Risk Management & Loss Prevention Guidelines.
  • Detailed review of the necessity, responsibilities and duties of maintaining adequate paper trails and checklists.
  • Detailed review of the completion of 'incident' or 'accident' reports and their importance for the rink.
  • Examples of statements written in defense of claims and their impact.
  • Review of the guidelines of handling a deposition.
  • Signage: Its importance and how it provides protection. Also, signs in compliance with Risk Assumption Law is also addressed.
  • Specialized letters of Claim Denial that can be adapted and utilized in your rinks operations.
  • Hints for helping people with disabilities.